22 January, 2011

Blogs? Really?

Someone asked me today, "Who updates your blogs?" I said, "Really?" How about this question. "Who is reading the blogs?" So, I came to look and wow... no updates since March 2010.

So, Todd Zuccone, founder of EVOMS, launched our service program with Robert Boreham, had a 4 month summer tour, developed and launched new products, crashed a transport into a bridge, got a new transport and have done three TV shows this year and with John Bray the rest of the EVOMS team, continued pushing the 250mph goal for the 997.1TT which is not a 1500 HP monster named, "El Diablo".

Here are some pictures and videos. If you want to see more on the blogs, leave some comments.

Texas Mile, October 2010


Testing before Texas Mile


Battle of the Super Cars 2010 with Paul Tracy, Jr.


Lots more where this all comes from..

18 March, 2010

Spy Photo

Spy photo from the welding room. This is the new exhaust system being prepared for the EVOMS 997.2TT. Getting ready for some testing at Texas Mile this coming weekend.

26 February, 2010

Mustang Dyno Advertisment

Thanks to Mike and Steve from Mustang Dyno for featuring Evolution MotorSports Dyno room in their upcoming advertisement in the Middle East.

26 January, 2010

More pics!

More pictures from Mr. Z's trip to N. Cal to pick up the next EVOMS project. 2010 997.2TT.

Check out pics and progress at the 6SpeedOnline Forum.

25 January, 2010

Papa's Got a Brand New... 997.2TT

Mr. Z arrived today at Carlsen Porsche in Redwood City, CA. After a couple days shake down in N. Cal, it will be on the way home to EVOMS for some performance improvements. Stay tuned for more...

23 January, 2010

The next EVOMS Project!

Mr. ZÜCZ himself will head to No. California on Monday to pick up one of the first 2010 Porsche 997.2TT PDK's in the USA.

According to Mr. Z, "The PDK, may not have been my preferred choice, but, it will be the popular choice among most drivers. I for one like to zip through the gears manually, but the PDK is faster hands down, no matter how fast you can shift the manual."

Watch for pics posted during the trip... Let's light a candle for good driving weather, eh?

22 December, 2009

EVT900 "The Monster" 3.8L

Check out Project "EK" 9's at 149MPH on YousTubes for lots of testing of the newest project at Evolution MotorSports. Dyno runs, street drives and more track. Read the write up's on the YousTube for Performance System details.

EVOMS EVT900 Engine - Project EK 997TT. Garrett / TiAL GT35/82 turbos, EVOMSit, Cams, Heads.
At 26.5 PSI of boost, the engine is producing 870 AWHP and 820 AWTQ. We are still tuning the ECU and expect the final numbers to be ~900 AWHP and ~840 AWTQ.

The engine power currently is ~ 1023 HP and 988 TQ